Fascial Movement Taping

The science of fascial movement taping helps provide stability, support and pressure to muscles and joints, alleviating pain and improving athletic performance. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, the practice of using kinesiology tape, a stretchy fabric tape, has gained popularity around the world as high-profile athletes use the technique to treat injury and gain a competitive edge.
The theory and technique of applying the kinesiology tape to support the muscle systems and integrated fascia throughout a specific movement pattern can help encourage healing, improve form and increase blood flow.
Aces Physical Therapy is Fascial Movement Taping Level II certified through RockTape. The practice helps:

  • reduce pain, inflammation and swelling
  • promote healing
  • improve overall performance
  • alleviate discomfort caused by pregnancy
  • expedite your return to activity or sport

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