Brian T. Mello, MPT, CSCS

Brian T. Mello, MPT, OCS, CSCS, Cert. DN

For more than a decade I’ve been helping people overcome pain, heal from injury, train for peak performance and live healthier lives. After graduation I spent the first six years of my career on the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona, working for the Public Health Service in a hospital-based outpatient orthopedic setting. This experience nurtured my interest in orthopedic sports PT and began developing my hands-on manual therapy skills. After I returned, I co-founded a physical therapy practice in Norton, Mass., before independently establishing Aces Physical Therapy in Berkley, MA. Now my primary practice, Aces serves the community while helping a spectrum of patients overcome pain, improve performance and lead healthier lives.

“I was very impressed when Brian saw me on his off hours. I was experiencing severe rib cage and shoulder spasms. This proved that he is a dedicated physical therapist. His professionalism and positive attitude is why I turned to Brian with my second injury (IT Band – Runners Syndrome). Again, he helped me regain my strength!” — Stephanie S., short & mid-distance runner/competitor

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